Asia Debt Manager

This organization is a first-in-market global litigation impact fund focused on recovering assets stolen from low- and middle-income countries. They are dedicated to assisting democratic, anti-corruption-focused governments in their fight against corruption by providing funding and support for civil enforcement and asset recovery. Restitution treats claims as assets, purchasing the claims from the sovereign government, which invests side by side with impact investors and patient capital to maximize enforcement.

How Much Will It Cost to Reach Net-Zero by 2050?

How Much Will It Cost to Reach Net-Zero by 2050?

A new McKinsey & Co study estimates that the global economy needs to invest $9.2 trillion dollars annually to curb emissions and reach net-zero by 2050. That’s at least $3.5 trillion more annually than is currently being invested in low-carbon and fossil fuel infrastructure. These findings suggest that nations and corporations will need to ramp up decarbonization efforts fast.

Global Strategy for Coral Reefs

Up to half of the world’s coral reefs have been lost, and if global temperatures rise by 1.5°C, 90% could disappear. This Global Strategy for Coral Reefs is supporting efforts to incubate and accelerate revenue-generating interventions that can sustainably finance the mitigation and elimination of unsustainable direct and indirect local drivers of coral reef degradation.

Emerging Markets Healthcare Provider

This healthcare provider is a leading impact driven healthcare group in emerging markets. Their mission is to build a legacy of impact driven, accessible, safe and private healthcare for patients in need. The Group operates across South East Asia and Africa with 30 hospitals, 16 clinics and 82 diagnostic centers.

My Move to Net Zero

Back in the day… I used to commute 60 miles a day to a big office space and fly 100,000 miles a year while eating an enormous amount of meat every day.  My carbon footprint today is much smaller, with no commute, an empty-nester-bedroom that we converted to an office/gym, zero flights this year and no meat in my diet anymore. Regardless, I think we can always do more and I believe it is our responsibility to leave the planet the same (or better) for our children, so to do my part, I’ve adopted several other strategies to move my carbon footprint to net zero (or even net POSITIVE)…

Key Takeaways from COP26: Glasgow Climate Pact

Key Takeaways from COP26: Glasgow Climate Pact

The COP26 summit is now concluded after two-weeks of negotiations among world leaders to curb climate change. The result of these talks is the introduction of the Glasgow Climate Pact, officially agreed to by nearly 200 national signatories. Some are calling this agreement a success, others a failure, and many say it’s somewhere in between. We outline the key takeaways from the Glasgow Climate Pact so you can decide for yourself.

Understanding Climate Finance & Key Players

Understanding Climate Finance & Key Players

For nearly three decades, the United Nations has brought together countries and world leaders at global climate summits called COP’s (“Conference of the Parties”) – in an effort to make the issue of climate change a global priority. As the 26th annual COP kicked off this week in Glasgow, countries are expected to update their plans for reducing emissions. Among the main topics to be discussed will be climate finance – local, national or transnational financing drawn from public, private and alternative sources that supports mitigation and adaptation actions to address climate change.

Movember 2021

Impact Capital Partners - Movember 2021

This year will be my 14th year of growing my MOustache (aka “MO) with Movember. I grow my MO to honor my father-in-law, who passed away from prostate cancer + our friend & teammate who we lost this year + the many friends who reach out when addressing their own health issues + to raise awareness and literally and figuratively change the face of men’s health. Movember is a fun approach to serious issues (testicular cancer for younger men + prostate cancer for older men + mental health for all of us), so I hope when you see our MOs that you will check yourself + remember to schedule your annual physicals + reach out if you need a friend.

Do Sovereign Ratings Reflect Growing Climate Risks?

Sovereign credit ratings are independent assessments of the creditworthiness of a country or sovereign entity. The Big Three credit rating companies—Moody’s Investors Service, S&P Global Ratings, and Fitch Ratings — are largely responsible for interpreting the level of investment risk associated with the debt of a particular country. However, a growing number of investors, academics, policymakers, and regulators question whether credit ratings are accounting for the impact of growing climate risks. If these risks materialize, they threaten to trigger climate-induced sovereign downgrades as early as 2030.

2022 Commitment to Roho the Elephant

Roho the elephant is almost 3-years old now and he is doing well! Our journey began during an exploratory Zoom call, when I was asked about my ‘elephant’ logo. I shared my respect and concern for elephants and how I simply wanted to honor them within my logo, so that it would serve as a reminder that we need to protect the world around us. My contact then told me that he was originally from Kenya and that he recently adopted an orphaned elephant through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT), and I immediately did the same. I’m proud to share that we’ve renewed our adoption and support of Roho for another year!