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This organization is dedicated to assisting democratic, anti-corruption-focused governments in their fight against corruption by providing funding and support for civil enforcement and asset recovery. Restitution treats claims as assets, purchasing the claims from the sovereign government, which invests side by side with impact investors and patient capital to maximize enforcement. A litigation funder with a difference, this organization provides end to end support to sovereign clients, is cost-effective and returns the vast majority of the assets to the sovereign client, and ensures that funds returned are used in a way that is transparent and ensures maximum impact in line with the goals of the client.
This Pan Africa Debt Fund is capitalizing on the growing breadth and depth of a $180 billion plus African Eurobond market. This fund provides investors the opportunity to participate alongside international banks in the long established hard currency syndicated loan market, accessing the continent’s strongest borrowers across sovereign, state owned enterprises, financial institutions and corporates.
There is a gap in the Sub-Saharan Africa market, with around 66% of adults unbanked. This Fund aims to be part of the solution by investing hybrid capital into Inclusive Financial Institutions: banks, microfinance banks, fintechs, SME-lenders, affordable housing financiers and similar non-bank financial institutions.
This African Women Impact Fund is creating a sustainable investment platform to grow the number of female asset managers on the African continent. This will help address the fundamental gap in female managers’ access to the private and public investments ecosystem.
The Company is a leading vertically-integrated producer and off-season supplier of “superfruits” and vegetables. The Company is seeking to raise US$50mm or more in new capital to support strategic plans to build the industry-leading premium fruit company with a global footprint.