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This US-based, full-cycle E&P geothermal power producer is preparing to provide sustainable geothermal energy via deployment of geothermal power plants in Texas and along the interior Gulf Coast region of the United States, where geothermal resources are proven by vintage oil / gas wells and 3-D seismic data.
This Independent Power Producer in Ghana is working with industrial companies and mines in West Africa to convert their factories and heavy equipment mining trucks from imported trucked diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) to indigenous Natural Gas Fuels, which will significantly lower their operating costs and their carbon footprints.
This PE strategy is buying established Agri-industrial and Agri-processing businesses that have been identified as turnaround opportunities. It will de-risk the project finance transactions upfront by buying the debt at a discounted price with the objective to turnaround the businesses so that they are able to maximize their potential.
Up to half of the world’s coral reefs have been lost, and if global temperatures rise by 1.5°C, 90% could disappear. This Global Strategy for Coral Reefs is supporting efforts to incubate and accelerate revenue-generating interventions that can sustainably finance the mitigation and elimination of unsustainable direct and indirect local drivers of coral reef degradation.
With anchor funding and first-loss coverage from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the world’s largest climate fund, the goal of this Blended Finance Climate Strategy is to catalyze long-term climate investment at the sub-national level for mitigation and adaptation solutions through a transformative financing model (20% public / 80% private). The strategy's Global’s business model is designed to attract primarily private institutional investment and to deliver certified climate and Sustainable Development impacts and Nature-based Solutions at global scale (SDGs, NbS).