Emerging Markets Healthcare Provider

This healthcare provider is a leading impact driven healthcare group in emerging markets. Their mission is to build a legacy of impact driven, accessible, safe and private healthcare for patients in need. The Group operates across South East Asia and Africa with 30 hospitals, 16 clinics and 82 diagnostic centers.

Mining Truck Conversions From Diesel to LNG

Impact Capital Partners is currently negotiating with Genser Energy to work with mining operations in Ghana to convert their Caterpillar 785D Mining Trucks from diesel to natural gas. These conversions will lower mining operating costs + mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment and adjacent communities.

Gaz Naturel Southwest Ghana Limited

In June 2021, the Ghana Ministry of Energy approved a request from the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), a state-owned corporation, to engage this Independent Power Producer to finance and construct pipelines in an effort to stabilize the national energy grid. The project will, boost industrialization inland, establish Ghana as an exporter of NGLs and also reduce the environmental impact from the existing use of diesel and HFO + It will also reduce gas flaring, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

Blended Finance Climate Strategy

With anchor funding and first-loss coverage from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the world’s largest climate fund, the goal of this Blended Finance Climate Strategy is to catalyze long-term climate investment at the sub-national level for mitigation and adaptation solutions through a transformative financing model (20% public / 80% private). The strategy’s Global’s business model is designed to attract primarily private institutional investment and to deliver certified climate and Sustainable Development impacts and Nature-based Solutions at global scale (SDGs, NbS).

Pan Africa Debt Strategy

This Pan Africa Debt Strategy is capitalizing on the growing breadth and depth of a $180 billion plus African Eurobond market. This strategy provides investors the opportunity to participate alongside international banks in the long established hard currency syndicated loan market, accessing the continent’s strongest borrowers across sovereign, state owned enterprises, financial institutions and corporates.

Blended Finance Climate Fund

Supported by blended finance from the Green Climate Fund, the goal of this Blended Finance Climate Fund Global is to catalyze long-term climate investment at the sub-national level for mitigation and adaptation solutions through a transformative financing model. The Fund’s Global’s business model is designed to attract primarily private institutional investment and to deliver certified climate and Sustainable Development impacts and Nature-based Solutions at global scale (SDGs, NbS).

Independent Power Producer Impact Review

Impact Capital Partners’ Emerging Market Private Debt Fund Manager, has facilitated financing for an independent power producer in Ghana. The financing will help address Ghana’s inherent lack of access to capital while reducing the demand pressures and blackout frequency that currently burden the country’s electrical grid. The company has already transitioned from heavy oil and liquified petroleum gas to natural gas and their long-term ambition is to deliver 100% clean electricity across Africa by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050.

Pan Africa Hybrid Fund

There is a gap in the Sub-Saharan Africa market, with around 66% of adults unbanked. This Strategy aims to be part of the solution by investing hybrid capital into Inclusive Financial Institutions: banks, microfinance banks, fintechs, SME-lenders, affordable housing financiers and similar non-bank financial institutions.

African Women Impact Strategy

This African Women Impact Strategy is creating a sustainable investment platform to grow the number of female asset managers on the African continent. This will help address the fundamental gap in female managers’ access to the private and public investments ecosystem.