Restitution Funding

This organization is a first-in-market global litigation impact fund focused on recovering assets stolen from low- and middle-income countries. They are dedicated to assisting democratic, anti-corruption-focused governments in their fight against corruption by providing funding and support for civil enforcement and asset recovery. Restitution treats claims as assets, purchasing the claims from the sovereign government, which invests side by side with impact investors and patient capital to maximize enforcement.

Mining Truck Conversions From Diesel to LNG

Impact Capital Partners is currently negotiating with Genser Energy to work with mining operations in Ghana to convert their Caterpillar 785D Mining Trucks from diesel to natural gas. These conversions will lower mining operating costs + mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment and adjacent communities.

Climate Mitigation Private Equity Fund

Our partner in Europe is currently pitching for a new blended finance mandate – a Pan-Emerging Markets climate mitigation Private Equity fund supported by concessional capital from the Green Climate Fund – the largest global fund dedicated to help fight climate change.

Long / Short Equity Strategy with ESG Integration

This Long / Short Equity Strategy with ESG integration is a female-led, fundamental-based, U.S. focused, multi-sector long/short equity strategy utilizing the co-founders’ experience running low net and a commitment to short selling, coupled with integrated ESG research and independent thinking, to pursue asymmetric risk/reward and strong alpha generation.