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2022 Commitment to Roho the Elephant

2022 Commitment to Roho the Elephant

Roho the elephant is almost 3-years old now and he is doing well! Our journey began during an exploratory Zoom call, when I was asked about my ‘elephant’ logo. I shared my respect and concern for elephants and how I simply wanted to honor them within my logo, so that it would serve as a reminder that we need to protect the world around us. My contact then told me that he was originally from Kenya and that he recently adopted an orphaned elephant through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT), and I immediately did the same. I’m proud to share that we’ve renewed our adoption and support of Roho for another year!

About Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

  • One of Africa’s oldest wildlife charities and a leading conservation organizations
  • Established more than 40 years ago & best known for its Orphans’ Project
  • A pioneering conservation organization, dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the preservation of habitats in East Africa.
  • Based in Nairobi, Kenya

About Roho

  • Male, Born 15 January 2019
  • Rescued 16 October 2019 (9 months old)
  • SWT believes that Roho’s mother was killed by poachers, who they were looking for, when they found Roho, a tiny elephant calf, standing beside the body of his deceased mother.
  • Roho means “spirit” in Swahili — an apt name for this brave little boy.
6-Minutes Video of Roho’s Rescue and Rehabilitation

Other Resources

Roho’s Adoption Certificate

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