Bill Gates – How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

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I launched Impact Capital Partners because I obviously agree with Bill Gates that it is important to address the world’s most difficult issues. The essence of How To Avoid A Climate Disaster is that we are putting 51 billion tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every year, and to avoid a climate disaster, we need to get the net number to ZERO within 30 years. Importantly, Bill is optimistic that we can solve these problems because of his belief in innovation, but we need breakthroughs to get there.  Bill is focused on this challenge, and one of his goals for writing this book is to spark conversations so that we are all focused on it too. I highly recommend this book and I’m even placing it on my MUST READ LIST!

  • Every year the world adds 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  • As we keep doing that, the consequences for human life will be catastrophic.
  • We need to get to ZERO net emissions within 30 years, while still meeting the world’s basic needs.
  • That means we need to transform the way we do almost everything.
  • We need breakthrough innovations.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors have to build new businesses and change existing businesses to get these solutions deployed.
  • Governments leaders have to enact new policies that drive the market for clean energy.
  • Advocates have to keep their voices loud to hold all of us accountable for rapid progress.
  • Avoiding a climate disaster will be one of the greatest challenges humans have ever taken on.
  • Innovation provides optimism and hope that we can achieve the breakthroughs that will be needed.


  • Introduction: 51 Billion to Zero
  • 1:  Why Zero?
  • 2: This Will Be Hard
  • 3: Five Questions to Ask in Every Climate Conversation
  • 4: How We Plug In
  • 5: How we Make Things
  • 6: How We Grow Things
  • 7: How We Get Around
  • 8: How We Keep Cool and Stay Warm
  • 9: Adapting to a Warmer World
  • 10: Why Government Policies Matter
  • 11: A Plan to Get to Zero
  • 12: What Each of Us Can Do

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