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MineFull Carbon Explainer

MineFull Carbon Explainer
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MineFull Carbon implements’s Terrestrial Storage of Biomass Protocol, a hybrid nature-tech approach to carbon sequestration. Specifically, MineFull takes natural wood fiber from forest thinnings, mill residuals and slash, and stores it for 1,000+ years in secure, all-natural “wood vaults” that are layered from bottom to top within inactive, decommissioned coal mines, until they are full (MineFull). By using natural tree growth to capture CO2 from the air, it is significantly cheaper and more efficient than other carbon capture methods, and by extending the natural process of decay and avoiding fires and burns, the process is simply a man-made improvement on the planet’s carbon cycle.

Once CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, and verified by a third party, will issue CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs), which can be sold directly or traded globally through trading platforms to offset a company’s carbon emissions.


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