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Movember 2022

Movember 2022
Impact Capital Partners - Movember 2021

This is my 15th year of growing my MOustache (aka “MO) with MOvember. I grow my MO to honor my father-in-law, who passed away from prostate cancer + to raise awareness and funds + to literally and figuratively change the face of men’s health. Movember is a fun approach to serious issues (testicular cancer for younger men + prostate cancer for older men + mental health for all of us), so I hope when you see our MOs that you will check yourself + remember to schedule your annual physicals + reach out if you need a friend.   #movember #menshealth #SouthBayMoBros

My Movember MO Space –

The Membership Group

This year, I am honored to also share that I was invited to join Movember’s Membership Group, to represent the US and help oversee the performance of the Board. Our focus is to ensure that Movember continues to grow, innovate and evolve, while remaining faithful to its Founding Principles.  

Men’s Health is in Crisis

Men are dying on average 5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. A growing number of men – around 10.8M globally – are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. And across the world, on average, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, and in the US, approximately 4 in 5 suicides are men.

Movember Causes

Movember Resources

  • The Cause – A nice overview of how Movember is taking on men’s health globally.
  • Report Cards – Explanation of the 1,250+ programs funded by Movember.
  • Get Support – Local resources for men’s health.
  • Nuts and Bolts – Nuts & Bolts has the tools you need to confidently handle the testicular cancer journey. From diagnosis, to treatment, to life afterwards — we’ve got your back.
  • True North – True North provides the information that matters most to you in your prostate cancer journey.
  • Spot the Signs – It can often be tricky spotting a friend who’s struggling. This page will provide you with some useful approaches and suggestions.

Movember Reach Since 2003

Movember is uniquely placed to address these causes on a global scale. They fund groundbreaking projects all over the world, engaging men where they are to understand what works best and accelerate change.

  • 6,538,699 Mo Bros and Mo Sisters
  • Over 1,250 men’s health projects funded, with 20 partners, across 20 countries
  • Funded the development of 54 inventions, 70 therapies and 107 diagnostic tests for prostate cancer

About Impact Capital Partners

At Impact Capital Partners, our mission is to connect institutional capital with the growing impact investment market to address the world’s most pressing challenges. By utilizing impact investments, institutional investors are able to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. We are constantly finding new impact investment opportunities in both emerging and developed markets, targeting market-rate returns. Schedule a call with us HERE if you’re interested in learning more about our impact investing strategies.